A complaint is a situation or instance where either an individual or organisation, considers that Bread of Hope has fallen short of their reasonable expectations and wishes to express their dissatisfaction.

Complaints will be taken very seriously. So where possible, receipts of complaint will be acknowledged in writing within two working days. Complaints will be dealt with sensitively and, where possible, resolved efficiently.

On receipt of a complaint of malpractice, and as soon as is reasonably possible, the information will be passed to the appropriate designated investigating officer as follows:

The Chairman will nominate a Director to investigate complaints of malpractice. The nominated Director will not be the subject of the complaint nor their actions related to the complaint. If the complaint is against the Chairman or is in any way related to the actions of the Chairman, another member of the Board will investigate.

If there is evidence of criminal activity then the investigating officer will inform the police. Bread of Hope will ensure that any internal investigation does not hinder a formal police investigation.

Where complaints do require further investigation, the complainant will be given:

  • an expected timescale for Bread of Hope’s response with the receipt of complaint. The investigating officer will ensure that the investigations are undertaken as quickly as possible without affecting the quality and depth of those investigations.
  • a point of contact within Bread of Hope. Where possible, the point of contact will be the investigating officer.
  • written updates at regular intervals throughout the investigation.
  • a written report containing the outcome of the investigation and any action that is proposed.

If the complainant remains dissatisfied, then they can get in touch with either the Fundraising Regulator, if their complaint is about fundraising, or the Charity Commission, for other areas of Bread of Hope’s work.